21 ago. 2017

What’s the Pathé Baby?  

The creation of this instrument in 1922 had provoked an important change in the movie industry. 

Pathé is a french movie company that still exists nowadays and produces a lot of movies of all genre. 

The first cameras and projectors where very big and could only be used in specific places. But Charles Pathé created a new type of  projectors, quite little so that anyone could use it. To be able to see your movie you had to do it all by hand to be able to diffund the movie on the big screen. 

This invention came out in Christmas which was very strategic for the sellings. There was a lot of advertising around this product. As we can see, they show that this product can be used within the family. With this machine you can enjoy a good time with everyone you like. It is a quite intelligent technic that worked. This strategy is often used as we can see with Coca-Cola or others which target are the family. 

Seeing that the projector had a lot of success they created a few years later the camera Pathé Baby. And then were created new models of this camera.

18 may. 2017

¿Cuál es el proyecto de Ridley Scott?

Ridley Scott durante el rodaje de Exodus con Sigourney Weaver